Its getting Interesting

While the nasty storms strike all over the Americas:

  • Costa Rica’s crime rate went up 40%.
  • Panamanians are contracting meningitis.
  • Dominicans are having problems with dengue.
  • Mexico (en) says it cannot accept a US aid package “as is” for the drug war due to “conditions” being insulting (es). They will await a final version to consider.
  • Peru is going to see what it can do to leave our newfound cousins alone.
  • Brasil is looking to pursue sanctions against the US regarding cotton violations.
  • Honduras sentenced 22 police and soldiers to a combined 740 yrs in prison for massacring prison inmate. I’d hate to be them.
  • Somebody shot the Vice President of a Venezuelan newspaper which covered corruption cases.
  • Haitians are marching against kidnappings.
  • Guatemalans just can’t catch a break … mudslides.
  • Chilean truckers are striking over fuel.
  • Bolivians are still at each other’s throats.
  • Two merchant vessels crash off the coast of Uruguay dumping oil everywhere.
  • Barack Obama wins the US Democratic race for the nomination.



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