Trials and Tribulations

Colombia arrested a retired military, drug accomplace, paramilitary, regular Army (CIA “asset”) General in relation to “disappearing” people. 23 years after the ‘disappearances’ and 10 years after the WaPo stated Clinton even said the guy was a “no goodnik”.

Also, two US School of the Assassin graduates and Colombian military officers were implicated in the bombings and phoney attacks on Uribe. These attacks were initially blamed on the FARC but it turns out the military officers thought this was a cool thing to fake. I must apologize for my comment that the FARC were underachievers in the failed bombing.

More Colombian military personnel and what do you know … also former students of the famed school were sentenced to 60 years in prison for the murders of 10 Colombian special narcotics police. Apparently, the shitballs were working for the Cartels when they took out the police, drug dealer style.

Guatemala has sentenced former ‘paramilitary’ members to 780 years (each) in prison for the massacre of Mayan villagers. 25 years after the fact.

Peruvian death squad leader Angel Sauni testified in the Fujimori trial that their murdering strategy came directly from the manuals of the US School of the Assassins. How soo not surprising.

Nicaraguans, at least the (1600 polled), said they feel poorer since Ortega took over. Yes, and so does everyone else … high oil prices are spurring food and energy price rises folks.

Mexican officials are saying the narcos are using violence as a fear factor and also to hide their real numbers. (What an astute observation … good for you.) Also stated is that the government will not take one step back and give up space to said drug dealing shitballs. Go bomb Central and Northern Colombia, if nothing else, it will make you feel better. When you are finished with that, bomb Florida, South-Central Los Angeles, and Maryland since you are the only ones taking any of this serious.

I would appreciate it.


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