Impending Trouble

Are these people humans? Worried about the TOURISM industry in Haiti?!?

But just before the April food riots, it looked as if Haiti could be onthe verge of a tourism comeback. With a 9,000-member U.N. peacekeeping force patrolling the country, the Organization of American States rolled out $233,000 last year to train hotel, restaurant and tour-company workers.

People are hungry and still rioting ’cause mud cookies can only get one so far … WTH!!??!!!

I’m starting to think the guy who said, ‘Nations aren’t really worried about the number of hungry people. What they are worried about is hungry people overthrowing governments with favorable business environments’. The article kinda lends to the latter idea, yes? Just wanted to note that is the most f’d-up article I have seen all week.

Tropical Storm Arthur
has changed course and is on its way toward Tabasco, Mexico. Also on alert is Veracruz. Someone keep an eye out for New Orleans, would ‘ya. Thanks.

New cousins. Someone spotted an un-contacted tribe of people while flying over the Amazon. The tribes people pointed bows and arrows at the “strange bird”. I figure, some goody goody will go there to meet the new found folks, do a documentary, and give them a cold that kills them all off. Run!!! Hide!!!

In about oooh 20 years or so, there sure are going to be a lot of young Americans (US) looking for their birth parents in Guatemala. You know, with questions like, “Why did you give me up” and “Did you give me up or sell me”. It doesn’t help that a few lawyers are under investigation for selling the kids while kidnapping some and changing their true identification.

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