Massacres, Graves, and Injustice – Nazi BS in The Americas

Peru, 1984. Along with the rest of Latin America, Peru was in the middle of “political ideology” land wars. All these wars weren’t really about political ideas, it was moreso those who thought the people should have a say in their government, human rights, and human dignity vs those who thought otherwise. No different than its neighbors at the the time, and with quite a bit of “foreign” funding, Peru had established “paramilitaries”, death squads, and a military with a fondness for killing the Indigenous.

Victims of Putis massacre.

Credit:Courtesy of Asociación Paz y Esperanza.

Interesting commonality with most of the South American military massacres; they resemble Nazi behavior toward Jews on the Eastern Front. This doesn’t really come as a surprise considering many Nazi’s fled to South America as the Reich was falling. I suppose they just took their rotten shit behavior with them to pass on. All the elements exist: lying to the people about ‘security’ to have them move, digging their own graves, and then shooting men, women, and children. How absolutely special … NOT!

Fast forward to 2003. People in the area of Putis , the area (so far) recorded to have the biggest mass grave courtesy of the Peruvian military, requested the government exhume and identify the protruding remains of the victims.


Fast forward to 2008. The Peruvian government has not budged in its disgusting apathy. An independent group, CVR, is currently assisting the families in their investigation of which military officers were involved in the massacre and in identification along with burial of the deceased.

I wish them good luck on their endeavors. Here’s to hoping several military officials end up in a pit full of cocodrilos. Push ’em on in.

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