Mexico’s Narco-Violencia

Photo from LaJornada

Continuing the tracking of Mexico’s “war on drugs”.

Sinaloa Province:

7 Federal Police were killed and 4 injured Monday in a 4 hour shootout with a narco-assassin group after group members assassinated 2 juveniles. A Police foot chase ended at a house where group members attacked with AK-47s, FAL, and grenades. 3 persons arrested.

According to the article, 37 Police have been killed in Sinaloa.

Chihuahua Province:

1 Police Officer was ‘executed’ by a narco-commando. A new list of 21 names of Police Officials to be killed was left on the dead Officer’s car.

Guadeloupe: 2 brothers were killed by AK-47 fire in their hardware store.

Juarez: 1 body full of bullet holes found in a van .

San Jose: Molotov cocktail throwing with notes from the narcos.

Sonora: 3 bodies found which were presumed killed by ‘Toto’, a known narco.

Tlalnepantla: 1 body in a vehicle with two bullet holes kinda just left around.

Two different narco groups had a shootout in Puerto Vallarta:

  • 6 arrested, 6 armored vehicles and high powered weapons seized

Tijuana, Baja California: 4 kidnappers (who were holding 6 women) all into narco-sex trafficking were arrested during an “operation”.

There are a few more incidents listed in the article which can be found here: click me.(es)

I wonder what they do with those seized armored vehicles? I think the federales in Sinaloa could make good use of those vehicles.


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