I Smell A Rat

In my general scanning, I came across some info regarding Colombia sending an official off to speak with the Russians about purchasing some of their cool weaponry to offset the cool weaponry being purchased by Venezuela.

Hmmmmm? Is it just me, or do you also ‘smell a rat’?

I’m just going to speculate for a moment … but let’s say Cocaine Inc gets some of those same weapons being acquired by Venezuela. With the past behavior of Cocaine Inc’s military personnel, namely dressing up their kills (regular peasants) as FARC rebels for bonuses, what is to say:

  • The military will not dress up some more fresh kills and
  • Put said acquired Russian weapons in their hands and
  • Portray said weapons as coming from Venezuela and
  • Make claims that, of course, Hugolito is ….

…… directly supplying weapons to “terrorists”?

Colombia is interested in acquiring fighter jets,
transport helicopters, armored vehicles, air-traffic control
systems and night-vision equipment, the newspaper said.

Why? Is there something wrong with the supplied US military equipment and the Brazilian fighter jets? Wadya tryin’ to say, yo? Not good enough?

  • Or are we simply trying to encroach on the Russian technology which of course will be shared with Uncle Sam?
  • See what Venezuela and whomever else has in detection / protection capabilities?
  • Are we trying to lend credence to statements that VZ is fueling an arms build-up in Latinoland?
  • Maybe do a little spray paint decal dress up for some ‘unnoticed’ flyovers?
  • With enough similar weaponry and spray paint, you could fake a border encroachment. Ooh! That’s actually kinda smart.

Wait a minute! Forget all that. Who in the hell is paying for all this stuff?


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