Talk of the Town

South Central LA is going “third world”. Chickens, roosters, pigs, and goats in backyards. That’s soooo tacky not to mention its highly unsanitary people!

You don’t belong in LA, you belong in the Appalachians.

Cocaine Inc. says FARC leader Marulanda is dead, maybe. Of course, for the past 15 years they have been saying he’s dead, maybe. Its a shame but we’ll have to wait for a FARC announcement since the Colombian government’s word is no good.

The US Ambassador in Iraq saya Al-Qaida’s network is close to defeat. Reading further in the article kinda says … “Sure bub, what’s your poison? Coke, heroin, opium, the spirits?”

The children on the G8 playground could not agree on a mid-term plan to reduce carbon emissions around the planet. The EU took the adult path and pledged a 20% decrease by 2020. The US, stuck in perpetual bitchy whine mode, won’t do anything unless China does something. Japan spoke while saying nothing.

They need more sippy cups and popcicles.


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