Laugh or Cry?

It seems those 13 jefes paramilitares coming to the US for drug trafficking charges will skip out on making Uribe look bad (as well as their own “genocide” charges) as he possibly makes another run for President, changing Cocaine Inc’s Constitution once again. Talk about “Dictator for Life” aspirations.

So as a parting gift of thanks to his former friends …

… relatives of said paramilitary scum were able to go unnoticed by prison guards and access the computers which were to be sent to US Justice officials as evidence. Hmmmm. Odd? Nope. Wait, there’s more!

Next the prison Director gives one of the hard drives to the son of a big dog to do who knows what with because well, “he’s family” … evidence be damned.

But … but … its not just the computers.

The SIM cards to the dirtbag’s cell phones (and more hard disks) disappeared during the prisoner transfer.

This is in sharp contrast to the handling of the FARC computer hardware. You remember, the ones containing information INTERPOL claimed would take 1000 year to read …. which begs to question: Was Reyes 6000 years old?

¡Mama mia! And there you have it folks, corruption at its finest.


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