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Ramen Noodles

It’s amazing what you can do with those Ramen Noodle packages. Add stuff and make them interesting.

Neighborhood News


May God be with the people of the Caribbean.

Neighborhood News

As if hurricanes and earthquakes aren’t bad enough … da fuk kind of shit stain on Satan’s ass assassinates children????


Very Unhappy Photo

Sheesh Mexico!

The Hurricanes Are Coming!!

and Earthquakes too!!!!

Here is an article from Sin Embargo. So far it is the most in depth; however it is in Spanish.


Now for our crazy #lastdays #endtimes #rapture friends : Don’t fret, it is hurricane season. People living on or near Mt Vesuvius … now they had real #lastdays #endtimes problems.

What’s New?

Puerto Rico makes it a crime to smoke in cars with minors


Proceeds from the fines go to the pediatric hospital. I like charity. Who’s up for some charity?


Venezuelans are still cray cray.


What’s wrong with you all? Why are you behaving like your neighbors attacking military bases, scaring oil workers, and whatnot? Behave.

Domicans are *gasp* into tennis

Seriously look:


Its been a long long time

Just chiming in while trying out this Beta … 5 devices late. One from the back porch

I’ll leave this flower in apology.