Ah Here Comes Spring

After a year of Covid restrictions, it is nice to see some Spring weather and hear the chirping birds. Not so nice is the sparrows, doves, and cardinals “thawing out” by pooping all over the car. C’est la vie.

COVID Shopping

Grocery Store parking lot

Plenty of folks Sri doing their needed shopping … all wearing their masks.

Lotto games during the COVID

Not much to do for entertainment

The Scourge of 2020

So here we are going about our day in surgical masks, whatever gloves we can conjure up, standing 6 ft away from one another, and stink eyeing anyone who sneezes, due to our Century’s first global pandemic; Covid-19.

I image anyone having a serious asthma attack in public will likely suffer alone until such time as emergency workers dressed in full CDC gear arrive with an inhaler.

People are dying in large numbers around the world while some in the US are protesting ‘cause business closings. Apparently wearing a thin mask in public and being unable to wander the aisles of a Pro Bass shop is the same as being made to stay in home isolation ???

Such whinebabies! (…. to be continued)

Here. Look at some dill

The dill

Dill. Happy Mother’s Day!

Testing stuff

Ramen Noodles

It’s amazing what you can do with those Ramen Noodle packages. Add stuff and make them interesting.

Neighborhood News


May God be with the people of the Caribbean.

Neighborhood News

As if hurricanes and earthquakes aren’t bad enough … da fuk kind of shit stain on Satan’s ass assassinates children????


Very Unhappy Photo

Sheesh Mexico!

The Hurricanes Are Coming!!

and Earthquakes too!!!!

Here is an article from Sin Embargo. So far it is the most in depth; however it is in Spanish.


Now for our crazy #lastdays #endtimes #rapture friends : Don’t fret, it is hurricane season. People living on or near Mt Vesuvius … now they had real #lastdays #endtimes problems.